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Science is not only something that takes place in a lab; science is at work all around us. The links below contain collections of photographs from our classroom, class demonstrations, lab activities, field trips, and much more. Many of the photo galleries also include our videos related to the topic. Thanks to all of our teachers, students, and friends who have contributed to this collection.


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Leonardo the Yellow-Belly Slider Turtle In the winter of 2014, our classroom received a new resident – a yellow-bellied slider turtle named Leonardo. He was donated to our class by Ruth and Troy Machamer of Kernersville, NC, along with a 20 gallon aquarium and accessories. Our students are enjoying watching Leonardo and learning more about turtles and their habitats. Be sure to check back, as we will be updating this gallery!

Fluores ThumbnailChemical Fluorescence Demonstration Fluorescence is a property of some substances that allow them to emit light in response to certain types of external radiation. Using a UV lamp, we were able to create amazing  fluorescent displays with solutions of fluorescein (yellow / green), rhodamine B (pink), and quinine (blue). By combining these three fluorescent chemicals, we were able to create a variety of brilliant fluorescent colors.

Fire Bubble ThumbBurning Butane Bubbles Butane is a flammable gas that is often used in lighters and for cooking. When soap bubbles are filled with butane and ignited, they create amazing flammable bubbles that can be used as an exciting demonstration of combustion, chemical change, and heat transfer. Because the butane burns very quickly, and because the soapy water works as an insulator by absorbing much of the heat from the fire, it is even possible to hold a handful of the burning bubbles. Remember that handling any burning materials, especially gasses, is dangerous; and that this demonstration should not be attempted at home!