Properties of Matter

Burning Butane Bubbles (Photo Gallery)

Fire Bubbles Title

Butane is a flammable gas that is often used in lighters and for cooking. When soap bubbles are filled with butane, they create amazing flammable bubbles that can create an exciting combustion demonstration. Because the butane burns very quickly, it is even possible to hold a handful of burning bubbles. Remember that handling any burning materials, especially gasses, is dangerous; and that this demonstration should not be attempted at home!

Dry Ice Color Change

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide. When dry ice is placed in a liquid, carbonic acid is formed as the dry ice sublimates into carbon dioxide gas. Using universal indicator, we are able to see evidence of the formation of carbonic acid through a color change, as an alkaline solution becomes acidic.

Burning Iron

Many people do not view iron as a flammable metal. If an iron rod is placed over a flame, it can be heated until it glows orange without actually burning. When finer iron, in forms such as iron powder or steel wool, comes in contact with a flame; however, it will quickly oxidize, appearing to burn as it is chemically changed into iron oxide.