Welcome to Mr. Jones’ Science Class!

fire2This website is designed as a resource to help our 4th and 5th grade students be successful in science class, as well as to provide an opportunity for our students to showcase many of their projects, experiments, and other class activities. As we explore scientific concepts this year, I will be uploading our class notes, lab activities, videos, and other resources related to the topics that we cover. These materials are available to help prepare for lessons, review concepts from class, make up missed material from absences, and study for unit tests. Adobe Reader or other PDF software is required to view many of the resources on this site and is available as a free download from the link provided. Notes for all lessons are available in both PowerPoint and PDF formats.

Feel free to print the PowerPoint presentations or PDF notes to bring to class, or to study at home. Topics being covered will be listed on your communicator each week. As you look over the lessons and resources, be sure to make notes about big ideas, key vocabulary, and any questions that you have in your science journal. Come to class familiar with the material, ready to discuss and ask questions about the concepts, and ready to do science!

Be sure to subscribe to our class YouTube channel to see videos of many of our exciting science activities and to receive notifications when new content is added. You can also follow our Facebook page to see more from our science classes.

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